Moving Data Center

The Data Center is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Miami. This prime location offers local businesses of Miami a hosting solution close to home. When it comes to Miami Colocation, there is no facility that offers the balance of distance and connectivity to the city of Miami.

Power Redundancy

The Data Center electrical system was built for complete reliability. If any component of the system requires maintenance it can be operated on without impacting the hosting infrastructure. The dependable power infrastructure delivers 100% availability, even during harsh weather and indefinite power outages.

The bottom line is that the efficiency of our system offers cost savings and dependability.

Climate Control

The Data Center cooling system is designed for the environmental needs of a modern datacenter. Redundant cooling appliances control the temperature and humidity of each aisle in the facility, monitoring and adapting to temperature changes in realtime. Each appliance features durable and serviceable components, all redundant and corrosion resistant. The Data Center's vision for a Green Datacenter facility focuses on cooling, which is energy-costly. The Data Center's advanced cooling system minimizes short cycling and wasteful operating patterns via fast response microprocessor controls. Besides being friendly to our world, this translates to cost savings and reliability for your infrastructure.

Biometric Security

The Data Center uses biometric security to authenticate and allow access on an individual basis. While keys can be lost or stolen, biometric data cannot.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans

Every business should have a business continuity plan to ensure that business can take place through a disaster and continue on. The Data Center's facilities in Miami, Deerfield, and Chicago offer geographic redundancy while providing a secure environment for recovery. Business continuity for South Florida has never been easier than The Data Center.
The Data Center's facilities provide a secure environment for business continuity during a natural disaster. Business continuity for South Florida has never been easier than The Data Center.


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