Valued Third Parties and Service Providers
Claims Service International
Contact Person: Donna  Gotlib
Phone: 877-274-0074
Claims Service International can help you save you time and money on handling claims. We keep records of all the correspondence from the inquiry to the settlement check. We provide courteous customer Service as well as follow up with the entities regulating our industry for the latest updates on the rules and regulations. We provide great rates as well as an easy payment system.

Moving Aid
Manage Your Moving Needs is your one stop website for all of your moving questions, concerns & needs. Our goal is to bring knowledge & awareness to Moving Companies Nationwide regarding critical topics such as the most recent laws & regulations pertaining to the moving industry and various different service providers available to collaborate with & utilize.

Data Center and Co-Location
Phone: 888-865-4261
Volico Dedicated Hosting plans feature an advanced fiber network in a secure location. Complete access and confidentiality come standard, along with your existing hardware and software configuration

Fidelity Payment Services
Fidelity Payment Services
Contact Person: Aron Gross
Phone: 917-613-9514
Specializing in the moving transportation industry, Fidelity is the one source for all your processing needs. Fidelity is leading the way in terms of technology, unbeatable prices, service and support. Our full suite of tailored solutions let you offer your customers more ways to pay, which means more business for you.

Merchant and gateway services
Revolution Payment Systems
Contact Person: Sean Jones
Phone: 888-790-3450
The one source for all your processing needs. Choosing the right merchant account provider is critical for your business long term success. Revolution provides the products, service and experience resulting in greater efficiency, increased profitability, business growth and operational and back office coordination

Law Offices of Michael Garcia
Contact Person: Michael Garcia
Phone: 408-730-5683
The Law Office of Michael Garcia specializes in individual custom tariff publishing for interstate motor carriers. Custom tariffs are published to be unique for each carrier. Custom tariffs provide great flexibility in services and rates available for consumers.

Moving Licensing and Registration
Contact Person: James Lamb
Phone: 888-414-1874 is a New York based, business-to-business transportation regulatory consulting firm that assists start-up motor carriers, freight brokers and freight forwarders in obtaining their federal and/or state business licenses (operating authority).

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