Moving Tariff

What is a Moving Tariff?

Moving Tariff stands for a pricing calculation document that indicates prices per cubic feet or pound for a move between given locations. Yet a moving tariff is not merely a calculation aid, but also has legal implications, as it includes a company policy, the fine print a bill of lading, and order for service. Tariffs apply to (long distance) interstate moves. As of January 1st, 2008, all moving companies must have a moving tariff published and handed in to D.O.T (Department of Transportation).

How is a Moving Tariff Constructed?

Putting up a moving tariff is usually conducted by authorized agents (such as AMSA), lawyers, and other D.O.T-authorized office capable of this undertaking. However, it is not mandatory to make use of the services of any of these legal agencies in order to construct a moving tariff, which can be done by any moving company owner, the only condition being it must be published. Familiarity with the moving market overall, in terms of services and fees, alongside an understanding of the capabilities of your own organization provide the necessary background for building a moving tariff.

Online Moving Tariff Template

Granot's moving tariff template is compatible with all moving software packages. Using this template, movers can apply their knowledge and experience to construct a moving tariff rapidly and conveniently.


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